"I enjoy riding my bike with the Bike4Health team as it is a great way to explore places I have never been before and the company is just great! It gives kids the chance to adventure out of their comfort zone and explore the countryside as I have witnessed my self by doing coast2coast with the team, every member of the team to me is like my second family as Dave and Heather have helped me all the way from being in primary school to this day it's a great laugh going out and exploring."

Tyler Dobie, 15 The Blyth Academy


"As someone who cycles regularly but only very short distances (3 - 7 miles) I thought 68 miles was going to be a big ask. Cycling with Dave Buchan, a professional guide, gave me the confidence to take part with enthusiasm. I knew that wherever we were, no matter how remote the area, we were in good hands. Indeed a number of members of our group needed help with snapped chains, punctures, oil for chains and gear changes. We all learned how important it is to keep energy levels up with regular boosts of liquid and energy snacks. Also that you can achieve more than you think if you push yourself and keep positive. Our group managed 75 miles! It was a day of fun, camaraderie, determination, great scenery and at times tranquility. A day that we can look back on with pride in our achievement and look forward to being able to enjoy more cycling in the future. Thank you Dave for giving us the confidence to take on such a challenge in safety and enjoy it!"

Pam Royal, ITV Tyne Tees TV


"Dave Buchan led a group of us on a 2-day 140 mile Coast to Coast cycle trip from Cumbria to the North Sea. Most of our group had never attempted anything like this before and we set off on a bright Whitehaven morning with a sense of adventure. Cycling through beautiful Lake District scenery on day 1 and rolling Pennine hills and dales on day 2 we tackled the ups and downs of the route together as a team and made it to our destination late on Sunday afternoon.

I must compliment Dave for the professional and knowledgeable way in which he led the group. Safety was paramount throughout and when the going got a bit tough he spurred us on in his inimitable good-humoured way and kept us going. The 'togetherness' and 'team spirit' of the group is difficult to describe, but when we all crossed the line in Tynemouth it was with a true sense of exhilaration and achievement. Thanks Dave, for such a memorable and venjoyable trip."

John Davis, Partner, Irwin Mitchell LLP


"West Denton Primary School (WDPS) recently began working with Dave Buchan in order to develop cycling. At our first meeting, I realised that Dave shared my passion for giving children a wide range of outdoor experiences which would help them to live out many of the WDPS Core Values which include 'Empathy', 'Respect', 'Commitment' and becoming a 'Well-balanced person'.

Dave trained both school staff and children and he quickly gained the respect of our school community. From initial short rides offsite under Dave's expert guidance, the children soon developed fitness, cycling, motivational and people skills which culminated in them completing a 135 mile bike ride around Northumberland in June 2014. These children were aged ten and eleven years of age.

Dave Buchan has spent his life developing an impressive cycling expertise. His passion for others to enjoy cycling is contagious and he has a strong track record in planning and leading cycling trips in England and in Europe.

We look forward to planning innovative outdoor challenges including cycling with Dave in the future."

Mick Mingstones, Head Teacher, West Denton Primary School


"During my year in year 6 I took part in 10 bike rides. I enjoyed day trips and a 4 day cycle ride which was brilliant. It was a great opportunity to take part. The cycle ride was over 100 miles and everyone who took part was so proud. It was a great life time experience. Yes it was extremely hard because we didn't know what the weather was going to be like. Most of the days were boiling especially Kielder! We had great support along the way. We never gave up, we kept going because you can't achieve anything if you don't try. That's what Mr Mingstones says 'Winners never quit, quitters never win!' If there's an opportunity like that, go on take it! Dave has been brilliant and he too showed great support for us all. Winners never quit and quitters never win!"

Rebecca, Pupil, West Denton Primary School, Age 12

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